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Email is one of the most efficient tools to communicate with the audience and increase the conversion of website users to customers or loyal readers. And before you start thinking about efficient delivery and personalized content you need to have enough subscribers to make those efforts meaningful.

But getting people to subscribe to your newsletter is pretty tough. Average conversion rate is around 1% and everyone is constantly trying to increase that. That’s why Traqli has built a product, which helps to gain over 3x increase in conversions from visitors to subscribers.

Increase conversion to subscribers in 3 times with opt-in forms based on behavioral triggers

Smart forms

Traqli gathers behavioral data on your website to use it as a set of triggers for automatic opt-in form display.

Choose among the variety of rules to control the opt-in form display, orchestrate visitor’s journey from an eyeball to dedicated subscriber. Traqli has everything you need to reach the highest conversion with the most appropriate user experience.


Traqli offers three types of opt-in forms to choose from — embedded, anchored or pop-up. Built in editor allows to customize the appearance and put the form in line with your requirements and design code.


Traqli was built with simplicity and automation in mind and our opt-in forms are no exception. Once you set it up in the Traqli dashboard, it starts to gather new subscribers, automatically updates mailing list, handles bad emails and other errors without bothering you and helps you grow your mailing list without any hustle.


Traqli provides a powerful API that brings rich integration capabilities with your content management system. It means that you can not only gather emails using our opt-in forms, but also synchronize the status of each subscriber in both directions, as well as push new email addresses from any place of your system to Traqli and be sure that all the data will be up to date.


Keep track of key figures, analyze performance, act on the aggregated user data

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