Onsite personalization


Content recommendations on web sites are already a wide spread solution for audience engagement. But the majority of existing content selection approaches (e.g. most popular, related to current article and recommended from the same section) alongside with poor contextual alignment of native advertising to editorial content leads to decrease in audience engagement, growth of ad blockers use and lost revenue opportunities.

Leverage machine learning technology to build a unique user experience on your website


Traqli monitors what, when and how each visitor reads, as well as takes into account group behavior patterns.

In additon to that, our platfrom identifies the meaning of content by using proprietary semantic analysis engine, which supports over 40 languages.

Based on that knowledge Traqli generates personalized content recommendations relevant to each reader and helps create 1:1 experience and increase audience engagement (page views, time per session, etc.)

Diversity of content

Leveraging Traqli’s personalization, content selection and display approaches you can combine any types of content (articles, products, advertising, etc.), any types of recommendations (personally recommended, most popular, latest, etc.) and any types of placement (under the article, in the side bar, in-stream, in-text, etc.) in a fully automated way.

So, you can bring best performing onsite user experience without even spending a minute on content selection and placement.


Sometimes ads in recommendion blocks looks inappropriately to the context of the article (e.g. recommendation about cheap plane tickets under the article on the plane crash).

To avoid such cases, Traqli selects ads based on readers' preferences only. In addition to that, Traqli works with a wide range of native ads networks to guarantee continuous supply of relevant ads. In case you already have a pool of ads to work with, Traqli will apply its smart targeting to make sure readers are exposed to ads that cater to their personal interests.

Easy to setup

Recommendations block set up takes just a few minutes in Traqli Dashboard. Fine-tune the look of the block, grab and paste widget placeholder code to your website right where you need it to be on the page.

You can quickly adjust the number of recommendations and their layout, look & feel of each item, behavior, responsiveness and many more. As a result the recommendations block is organically embedded into your website and looks as if it was there from the start.


Keep track of key figures, analyze performance, act on the aggregated user data

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