Intelligent Ads


Lack of relevance and poor contextual alignment of advertising to editorial content resulted in increase of ad blocking, reduction of consumer engagement and lost revenue opportunities. Only during past 12 months ad blocking audience grew by 41% to almost 200 million users that cost publishers nearly $22 billion in revenue.


Intelligent Targeting

Often native advertising looks inappropriate and irrelevant because it only relies on the context of the article or location of the visitor, which leads to bad user experience and low clicks count.

To avoid that, Traqli selects ads based on comprehensive understanding of users’ preferences, taking into account behavioral, semantic, geo and device data. So knowing what exactly user reads and is interested in gives Traqli enough data to recommend ads relevant to each visitor. This allows to increase audience engagement, CTR and incremental revenue.

In addition to that, Traqli works with a wide range of native ads networks to guarantee continuous supply of relevant ads. In case you already have a pool of ads to work with, Traqli will apply its smart targeting to make sure readers are exposed to ads that cater to their personal interests.


Traqli offers intelligent targeting of native ads in a new channel - emails, which doesn’t face ad blocking issue and brings much more engaged audience to the advertiser. For publishers it’s a great opportunity to monetize their mailing list with organic promoted content that is perfectly aligned with an editorial one.

We don’t limit ourselves in serving native ads only via email. Recommendations blocks on website can also display native ads, which for many has already become a commodity, but with Traqli’s intelligent targeting technology publishers can ensure a much better user experience with advertisers getting higher CTR and conversion.

Diversity of formats

Alongside the number of channels for targeted ads delivery Traqli offers different formats (image, image+text, text only and even video), as well as flexible placement and display options.

You can adjust the number of ads in a block, their look & feel, behavior of the block, responsiveness and many more. As a result the promoted block will be organically embedded into your website or email template.


One of the strongest sides of Traqli platform is a full automation of the process based on initially predefined rules.

It means that once you set up the format and display rules, identify the source of advertising (from the external network or your own ad inventory) you can be sure that the right ads will reach the right website visitor or email subscriber at the right time without all the usual hustle from your side.

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