Email Personalization


Email is the #1 marketing channel for ROI, leapfrogging SEO and SMM, that brings the most loyal audience and is responsible for almost 25% of overall sales online.

But in reality companies still undervalue this tool a lot, as we see that email effectiveness is plummeting due to lack of relevance, content overload and poor deliverability.

Leverage machine intelligence
to built a 1:1 communication with your audience in emails


Traqli monitors what, when and how each visitor reads, and takes into account group behavior patterns.

From the other hand the platfrom identifies the meaning of content by using proprietary semantic analysis engine, which supports over 40 languages.

Based on this knowledge Traqli generates personalized content recommendations relevant for each subscriber and helps to increase email effectiveness and audience engagement in several times.


Traqli was built as an automated solution in order to save client’s time. And when we say automated, we mean that 95% of all work around email marketing will be done by Traqli based on rules predefined by you.

Once the email template and rules are set, the platform automatically selects the content, assembles an email and delivers it directly to your subscriber’s inbox based on the set schedule.

Traqli provides simple content gathering approach via RSS feeds or API and can assemble and deliver your emails in multiple ways.

Diversity of content

Leveraging Traqli’s personalization and content selection approaches you can combine any types of content (e.g. articles, products, advertising, etc.) and any types of recommendations (e.g. personally recommended, most popular, latest, etc.) in your emails in a fully automated way. So, both your editorial and marketing teams can create the best performing newsletters without even spending a minute on content selection and email design.

One of the cool things about Traqli is that you can apply the knowledge about your audience for cross site recommendations, which means you can identify user preferences on one website and provide recommendations from another one.

Delivery & Integrations

Content recommendations is not the only area where we apply user behavior data. We also take into account user activity peaks to personalize delivery time for each subscriber, so an email is always being delivered at the time when subscriber is the most receptive to it.

In addition to that Traqli provides a subject line personalization, mailing list quality assurance and an opportunity to integrate with your current email service provider, as sometimes it’s hard to change a long term partner.

Currently Traqli integrates with MailChimp, iContact, OfSys, Freshmail, ConstantContact, Get Response, Pepipost, SendGrid, iCubes, Moosend, MailUp and more.


Keep track of key figures, analyze performance, act on the aggregated user data

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