Email delivery


There is a lot of work going on around email marketing strategy optimization like content selection or subject line personalization, but in reality the main bottleneck in email efficiency is deliverability.

You can create the most personal and catchy subject lines with the most engaging content inside, but if your email ends up somewhere on the 5th page of the Promo tab in customer's Gmail account you have no chance to retain him. Therefore Traqli pays a lot of attention to deliverability as part of its service to ensure that addresses in your mailing lists are valid and all of your emails get into the right folder at the right time

reach 99.5% deliverability rate by timely delivery and mailing list optimization


Traqli uses various technics like IP address constant warm up and has a close communication with major mailbox providers (e.g. Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook and Yandex) to ensure that emails are delivered to clients’ primary mailboxes and don’t end up in spam or promo folders.

Mailing list quality

Traqli has an automated mailing list quality assurance service built into the product that stops sending emails to addresses that become invalid or have recently complained about spam.

On top of that Traqli provides an on-demand mailing list activity analytics and can disable subscribers that rarely (or never) interact with your emails. This way we make sure that your emails have good reputation and you pay only for delivered messages.


One of the most essential features of deliverability improvement is delivery time optimization and subject line personalization.

We leverage user activity data to identify patterns of users’ interaction with your website and your content and deliver emails when audience is the most receptive to them.

What’s more, Traqli personalizes every subject line making it unique and together with individual delivery time it creates an impression of a triggered email, which mailbox providers treat as a priority mail and put in a better position in the inbox.


Keep track of key figures, analyze performance, act on the aggregated user data

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