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How it works
  • Easy integration with a few lines of HTML code

  • Simple widget to start content delivery

  • Traqli engine monitors new content and visitor’s reading habits, extracts the meaning of articles, defines relationships with other content and provides recommendations

  • Content always reaches readers

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Why do you need Traqli?

Traqli gives publishers a powerful tool to establish closer relationship with their audience. By providing readers with relevant and significant information at the right time, publishers significantly increase the loyalty of their readers while also develop reader confidence in the publishers. Readers know that they are using the best personally-tailored news provider.

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One of the major problems in publishing space is the large number of "lost" visitors who leave a website because they didn't find any relevant information. Lack of time or information overflow are often the culprits.

With Traqli, publishers can guarantee to their readers that they will always be aware of the information they care about most. As soon as a visitor finds an interesting piece of information that she wants to follow-up with, Traqli will provide the most relevant updates related to that story from the publisher's website, increasing amount of repeat visits by loyal customers. Contact us to find out more:

Readers are love to know about new stories that correspond to their interest - that's what we do the best: provide people with the most relevant stories from their favorite websites.

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